Düsseldorf, Germany.– 10 January 2019 – Average hotel prices fall the first month of 2019 compared to December 2018 in almost all European cities listed on the trivago Hotel Price Index (tHPI), reported monthly by global hotel metasearch www.trivago.com 

Of the European cities listed, Vienna sees the most significant drop in hotel prices compared to December 2018; the average overnight hotel rate for a standard double room in January is down 28% to €94. Travelers visiting Reykjavik this month will pay on average €124 for a standard double room per night, which is 22% less expensive compared to the average hotel price of €158 per night during the previous month.

The same trend of decreased hotel prices applies to London as well, where the average hotel price has fallen to €118 per night, a 20% decrease on a month-on-month comparison. In both Amsterdam and Lisbon average hotel prices have dropped by 20% compared to December 2018 at €108 and €70, respectively. The only European city on the index where hotel prices have remained the same this month compared to last is Moscow, where a stay in a standard double room costs an average of €60 per night in January. Access the tHPI for all the data on over 50 cities here: https://businessblog.trivago.com/trivago-hotel-price-index/

2019 kicks off with hotel prices dropping

Hotel prices have decreased in the Americas as well. The most significant month-on-month price decrease registered on the tHPI in January is for a hotel stay in New York City, where at an average of €135 per night, a standard double room is now 43% cheaper compared to €237, the average price in December 2018. Of the American cities listed, Rio de Janeiro sees the second most significant hotel price decrease with the average rate dropping 18% from last month to €70 per night for a hotel stay.

Chicago is the only US city listed that reports prices under €100 for a hotel stay this month, with an average rate of €91 per night for a standard double room: 16% lower compared to last month’s average. Toronto, with average hotel prices down 12% to €105, and Vancouver, with the average rate down 9% to €113, round out the list of the five cities in the Americas with the most significant month-on-month hotel price decreases reported on the index in January.

Sydney, Hong Kong, Tokyo, and Dubai have also all registered lower hotel prices this month compared to last. In Sydney, the average hotel price has dropped by 22% compared to December 2018 to reach €131 per night for a standard double room in January. Travelers visiting Hong Kong this month will pay on average €128 per night for a standard double room, representing a hotel price decrease of 19% on a month-on-month comparison. The average hotel prices in both Tokyo and Dubai have fallen by 17% this month compared to last to reach €116 and €174 per night, respectively.

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